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   November 04 Daryl's post sends Ap&p down in flames click-here it's  


  bigger than video of Daryl contacting probation officer---> R. Hentish.


  10.31.18 Daryl's past comes back to bite him in the ass.

      10.05.2018 Shae & Daryl, BYU meeting, "WETBACK"

  9.15.18 Attention Utah AG Sean Reyes, Daryl replies & edits...  





       09.26.2017 Judge Connors earns Defender brand... 



     (08.22.17) FBI & Utah AG Sean Reyes witness 

 Ryion, Edward & Daryl change blog... must see! 



               <- Daryl Acumen's co-conspirator Jason Chaffetz 04.20.17  



 Daryl's new 01-12-17 post reported directly to Attorney General Reyes!










      July 12, 2016 Judge Connors looks at P.O. Roman Hentish "How about you, drop all violations & recommend court probation" Hentish "Yes, your honor" (PLEASE CLICK HERE)  


    ---> June 20th Daryl tries to have incriminating evidence against him removed, CLICK HERE! <---


    06.14 judge Connors sets Andy's hearing for July 12th!





              ********* 100% Confirmed, Daryl can not have this removed ********* 


    Daryl busted lying again, evil liar Daryl published:


                               "Andy has herpes"<-TESTED, Andy Has No STDs


 Its now CONFIRMED that Daryl is suffering genital herpes STD 

​  -(Don't know what GH is, click here--> genital herpes <-- Thank you Rebecca)- 


Daryl Acumen's mother Rebecca sent Daryl letter warning she would eXpose everything about him if he continue attack:

  to the right you'll see video "Rebecca Delivers Us" talking with Andy->



                          (Here's Daryl editing my name & the word herpes,

             you must read the FB comments, FYI- Daryl is Facebook tagged)


​                   ********* 100% Confirmed, this site went live 2014 *********





06-09-16 Daryl's new court post, backfires must see --->

     911---> CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE <--- 911, FBI & Judge Connors!           ----------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^---------------



    05.07.2016 Daryl & Ryion Butcher blog & more CLICK HERE!




       04.04.16 I Allen Brady got verified click here ASAP!




Daryl Acumen "The latest from Andy is that he’s being set up by his probation officer who he claims lied about something – not entirely sure what"PLEASE CLICK HERE!




       ---03.13.2016 Daryl deletes comments from FB <---




    02.17.16 think now, Hentish & Daryl will answer for... 





02.02.2016 Andy & DC inmates invent using Ron & Andy's "Desperation Breeds Creativity, theory"  





01.06.2016 Daryl, Edward & Efren exposed by Chue:





*911* 12.01.2015 Daryl contacts Ap&p Hentish:





-> Attention: On 09-11-2015 Daryl replied to my bait <-





Daryl's Utah County Election Fraud:





Daryl deletes evidence:






Daryl Acumen posting about Utah state rape plan:






Daryl Acumen having a few laughs at courts expense:





Daryl & Denise Bartlett published "Andy has herpes STD" it's now 100% fact Daryl & Denise have the STD:






If you click this link you'll see Daryl edit the word herpes:






Daryl Acumen's wife Shirley expunged crimes:


Meth/prostitution, Theft, Disorderly, Insurance fraud etc.



Thank you to Daryl Acumen's biological mother Rebecca:





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This site is only up to protect us from Ryion &     Daryl's attack/Hate website,

 I will inform Judge Connors 03.27.2018.


I Allen Brady ​could not make it last court date because I was in a rollover accident,



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